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James Henry started out at age 7years old performing and playing drums in several churches though out the Bay Area up until the age of 14. He worked his way through college as a musician. horizons to jazz. As his musical career was growing he ventured off into producing and writing his first Cd, “Howell and Henry” which he has won his first best California award for best production and arrangement. He also produced artist like Topuk Shokure, Ant Dog, and DJ Gable. It was a great experience for James Henry. This speared him to playing with rock legends like Pablo Cruz, Merl Sanders, Bob Weir as a percussionist which opened up his music identity world wide. James goal is to reach a national Globe of people around the world.. Lets say that James has truly reached his goals. With the new cd release “DragonFly”, we must say “What an outstanding Cd”! Style of Funky groves, mixed with R&B and Gospel vocals, taste of world beat and smooth jazz all mix in one melting pot.

James Henry has toured international world wide as a master percussionist and producer. As a song writer and producer his music is deeply rooted and soulful that will take your on a global journey from Gospel, R&B, Drum & Base, Reggae, Soca, Jam band , Caribbean to World beat. Expect the unexpected from international sounds of James Henry- Hands On Fire. James has played with well known artist such as George Howard, Rodney Franklin, Robin Ford, Sting, Narada Michael Walden, Santana , Norton Buffalo, Bob Weir, Pablo Cruz, , Sly Stone, Earl Klue and many more.

James Henry has 5 Cd's under his belt that has a hip-hop funky grove that moves through your body. Jame Henry is a true musician. He is a writer and producer who's goal is to bring people together to witness the grander in this universal language of music in hopes to influence and inspire peace, love and happiness though out the world..

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